Oase Replacement Foam BioSmart

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Oase Bio Smart Filter Media replaces the filter media in your existing Oase pond filter, allowing perfect cultures of nitrifying bacteria to develop and keep your pond water quality at it's best.


  • Replacement Foam BioSmart Red
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  • Replacement Foam BioSmart Blue
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Product Information

Oase Biosmart filters include Oase distinctive filter foams, with maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria which transform toxic ammonia and nitrate into harmless nitrogen.

The filter media is available in two formats, a red fine foam which is perfect for catching the smaller pieces of dirt and grime, and the blue foam which is coarser and will catch large pieces of waste. The foams are ordered singly to make up the desired filtration scheme in your filter and to make sure that your pond is beautifully clean and clear.

The foams sit easily together inside the filter unit, and slot easily into place thanks to the corrugated edges. This forms a tight structure that ensures the water is fully cleaned. Foams are easily squeezed clean by the innovative compression system built into the filter. Simply turn the handle and the dirty water is squeezed out.

One supplied.

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    Date 24/08/2020 07:08am
    Oase Replacement Foam BioSmart Blue
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    easy to fit and perfect in place
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    Date 22/03/2018 19:03pm
    Oase Biosmart 7000-16000 Blue Foam
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    Always good and competitively priced