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This Salifert Profi Test Kit - Organic helps you monitor the levels of things like phenolics and humic acids in your aquarium reef water, allowing you to take actions to remove them if they get too high, ensuring your water is of the highest quality.


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Salifert Profi Organic Test Kit will test for natural compounds such as phenolics/humic acids that are not removed by normal filtration methods such as skimmers or activated carbon.

A build-up of organic compounds can cause water problems, so once you have carried out the test, treat with an activated carbon treatment to remedy the problem.

This kit contains 50 tests, so you can use it once a week as part of your regular maintenance routine to keep your aquarium in the best condition.

Check out the full range of Salifert Test Kits, all made to the highest standard to help you make the very best of your aquarium.

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Salifert Profi-Test Kits - Organics 50 Tests

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