Salifert Profi-Test Kits - Strontium

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Use this Profi-Test Kits - Strontium to test your strontium levels in your aquarium, which may be depleted by the corals living inside your tan, and may need to be topped up to achieve a healthy water chemistry for your fish and corals.


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Product Information

The Salifert Strontium Profi Test Kit is ideal to test the levels of strontium in your aquarium.

Strontium is a key component in coral and calcareous growth, it aids fast and healthy development. You may find that if calcium levels are low then so is strontium. Like all elements, it is naturally depleted and must be replenished.

Salifert are one of the first companies to introduce a strontium test, to help coral keepers ensure that tanks are perfectly balanced for the most beautiful growth. The tests are both sensitive and accurate so if you find levels are low, dose with Salifert Natural Strontium.

The test measures in increments of 5mg/l. Contains 40 tests for marine use only.

Product Specification

Product Size
Salifert Profi-Test Kit - Strontium 25 Tests

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    Date 19/06/2018 09:06am
    Salifert Profi-Test Kit - Strontium
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    This can also be used as a calcium test so no need to buy a separate calcium test kit!
    2nd part of the test requires 12-15 min stand time so do this test 1st as part of your water quality check schedule.
  • Rating
    Date 03/04/2015 17:04pm
    Salifert Profi-Test Kit - Strontium
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    Excellent test kit