Seachem AMGuard

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Seachem AM Guard can be added to your water to guard against high levels of ammonia building up in your aquarium, reducing their levels by speeding up the nitrogen cycle in your tank, binding ammonia together. Best used in emergency situations where ammonia is suffocating your fish and leading to algae.


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Product Information

Seachem AMGuard is a high strength water treatment designed to remove dangerous levels of ammonia, as well as chlorine and chloramine from the marine aquarium. Ammonia can be lethal to fish if the levels go unchecked. The AMGuard is safe to use during tank cycling and is ideal for treating unexpected emergency situations. AmGuard reacts with free ammonia within minutes and does not alter pH, it binds the ammonia in a matter of minutes making it non-toxic and safe.

Key Features:

  • Safe to use during water changes
  • Reacts with free ammonia within minutes to eradicate the problem
  • Ideal for emergency situations
  • Will not alter the pH level within your tank


  • Beginner: Use 5ml for every 200 litres / 44 gallons on a daily basis, or as needed to reduce ammonia
  • Advanced: Use 5ml for every 400 litres / 88 gallons daily

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 01/12/2020 09:12am
    Seachem AMGuard 250ml
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    Brought my ammonia down quickly and improved water quality. Now looking at other seachem products to put in my 'emergency' box.
  • Rating
    Date 25/02/2018 07:02am
    Seachem AMGuard 250ml
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    Damage poor quality not recommended it
  • Rating
    Date 04/11/2017 11:11am
    Seachem AMGuard 100ml
    Feefo Logo
    Keeps things safe in case of ammonia spikes
  • Rating
    Date 12/04/2015 08:04am
    Seachem AMGuard 250ml
    Feefo Logo
    Seachem are excellent products,been using them for years.