Seachem Liquid Marine Buffer

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Seachem Liquid Marine Buffer helps you achieve your optimum pH level for salt water aquariums, raising it to 8.3 for the best possible conditions for your aquarium life. Features a range of essential factors for the healthy support of fish and corals.


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Product Information

This Liquid Marine Buffer from Seachem will safely raise marine pH to 8.3. It will not raise pH above this level even if inadvertently overdosed. It works in the same way as Seachem Buffer Powder, and contains a blend of trace elements and minerals to ensure the correct balance within your aquarium. It drives and maintains a pH balance of 8.3, so corals and other marine life will thrive in the perfect conditions.

Key features:

  • Raises marine pH to 8.3
  • Contains a blend of trace elements
  • helps marine life thrive


5 ml for every 20L daily until pH stabilises at 8.3. This may take a day to a week depending on original pH, alkalinity and buffer system balance.


Liquid Marine Buffer contains; sodium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, and potassium salts of carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, and borate.

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    Date 19/04/2016 08:04am
    Seachem Liquid Marine Buffer 500ml
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    An excellent product that I had used before.
    So much easier than faffing about with powder.