Seachem Multi Test - Iodine & Iodide

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Test for important trace elements like Iodine and Iodide with Seachem Multi Test - Iodine & Iodide, ensuring that they are present in your tank to be used by fish and corals who require small amounts of both to remain healthy. Easy to use, this test kit lets you know just how they are doing.


  • Multi Test - Iodine & Iodide
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Product Information

Seachem Multi Test for Iodine & Iodide will perfectly monitor the levels within your aquarium. Iodine is a trace element needed by many invertebrates and fish, as well as corals. In a busy aquarium it is quickly depleted, so levels must be tested and replenished routinely. This Seachem test measures to less than 0.005mg/l, so you can be confident of the most sensitive result possible. It contains a sample reference for comparisons, plus all of the necessary kit to study your findings. Use the appropriate iodine supplement to restore the correct levels and maintain the healthiest tank. This test kit is suitable for both marine and freshwater aquariums.

Content of box:

  • 4 x bottles of Iodide reagent
  • Iodide reference vial
  • Spoon
  • Dispensing pipette
  • Sample pipette
  • Iodide colour chart
  • Test plate

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