Seachem Multi Test - Iron

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Espeically important in planted aquariums, Iron is present in your aquarium water, both in freshwater and salt. This Seachem Multi Test - Iron features everything you need to check up on the levels of this important element, ensuring it's featured at optimum levels in your water chemistry.


  • Multi Test - Iron
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Product Information

Seachem's Iron Multi Test has been designed to give sensitive, reliable readings on the iron level in both marine and freshwater aquariums. Iron levels must be tested, as especially in a planted aquarium, iron is a vital component in healthy growth and development. This professional standard kit will test for both iron or chelated iron (a soluble Iron supplement), so it covers all treatments or additives that may be used. This top quality test will detect iron levels to less than 0.05mg/l, so you can be confident of precise results.

Use Seachem's Flourish Iron to restock vital iron levels for healthy plants.

Content of Box:

  • 1 x iron reagent
  • 1 x iron reference stock
  • Spoon
  • Sample pipette
  • Low range cuvette
  • Iron colour chart
  • Test plate

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    Date 17/03/2018 22:03pm
    Seachem Multi Test - Iron
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    Good test kit and is as accurate as a hobbyist test kit can be