Seachem Multi Test - Silicate

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Seachem Multi Test - Silicate allows you to test your aquarium water for levels of silcate - of which high levels may be a problem - yielding accurate results, allowing you to take action to reduce silicate levels should you need to. Available at the best price here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

Seachem Multi Test for Silicate

Silicates are natural compounds that find their way into the aquarium via tap water, especially if an RO unit or de ionising unit is malfunctioning. They can cause a build-up of algae blooms as well as block essential trace elements from the water.

This sensitive kit measures the silicate level to less than 0.5mg/l in both marine and fresh water aquariums. So you can be confident of the best possible result.

If you have a problem with silicates, Seachem Phosguard will remove silicates quickly and easily, without adding any unwanted elements back into the water. It also removes phosphates so, it's a great addition to any store cupboard.

What's in the box?

  • 4 x Silicate reagents
  • 1 x silicate reference
  • Sample pipette
  • Low range cuvette
  • Stir rod
  • Silicate colour chart
  • Test plate

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