Seachem Pristine

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Seachem Pristine is a unique product made up of sludge destroying bacteria. Fast reacting in consuming unwanted waste.


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Product Information

Seachem Pristine is the perfect way to keep your fish tank looking fantastic after weeks and weeks of use. Uneaten food, fish detritus and general waste start to build up and settle in the aquarium. This product starts working immediately to consume unwanted waste. If left unchecked the excess nutrients produce ammonia, nitrate and nitrite as well as promoting disease organisms. So Pristine, by by consuming this, produces a healthy, bright and clear aquarium.

Key Features:

  • Natural organic waste management
  • Quickly and safely eliminates sludge and detritus
  • Helps increase water clarity
  • For both marine and freshwater


Initial dose 5ml per 40L. Maintenance 5ml per 80L

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 08/12/2021 09:12am
    Seachem Pristine 250ml
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    Great product!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rating
    Date 14/08/2021 20:08pm
    Seachem Pristine 100ml
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    Quick service. First class
  • Rating
    Date 23/02/2021 07:02am
    Seachem Pristine 250ml
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    Dose this regular in my marine take kes the water crystal clear
  • Rating
    Date 16/02/2021 00:02am
    Seachem Pristine 100ml
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    Really great product. The water in my aquarium was not very clean and clear. Bought this product after checking reviews. So glad I did. After 3-4 weeks when during my weekly maintenance there is hardly any left over sludge from poo and undigested food. It is amazing stuff. Have ordered some more.