Seachem Reef Complete

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Seachem Reef Complete is designed to maintain calcium levels to how they should be in natural seawater, aiding the natural growth of your coral reef by mimicking the building materials they would use in the wild.


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Product Information

Restore levels of calcium with this perfect blend from Seachem. It will maintain the best levels without affecting the pH balance. Super concentrated at 160, 000mg/l, this advanced product also contains magnesium and strontium. Working together these three ingredients will maintain the vital amounts needed for the best coral growth and beautiful results.

Key Features:

  • Maintain the best levels without affecting the pH balance
  • Concentrated at 160, 000mg/l
  • Contains magnesium and strontium
  • For best coral growth and beautiful results


Use 5ml per 80 litres, twice a week. Each capful will raise calcium by about 10 mg/L.

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