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Seachem Reef Trace is for supplementing the trace elements needed in your marine aquarium as they are used up by the development of your coral reef and fish. Easily applied, this formula contains all the important elements often overlooked when trying to create the most beautiful corals.


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Product Information

Seachem Reef Trace is ideal to boost the level of trace elements in your reef aquarium.

As corals and other tank life grow and develop they naturally deplete the levels of trace elements. They must be replenished to maintain a healthy balance. It doesn't contain any nitrates or phosphates which can cause algae growth and water problems.

The trace elements (listed below) support natural, biological processes that are necessary to boost the health of your aquarium.

Ingredients: copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate, manganese sulfate, boric acid, sodium molybdate, zinc sulfate, rubidium chloride, nickel chloride, vanadium sulfate

Seachem Reef Trace can be used alone, or for best results, Seachem recommend that it is used with Reef Plus.

Dosage: One capful (5 ml) for every 80 litres / 17.6 gallons, twice a week.

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    Date 29/09/2015 05:09am
    Seachem Reef Trace 500ml
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    Only just started to use so to early to say
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    Seachem Reef Trace 500ml
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