Seneye Home (Freshwater)

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The Seneye Home for freshwater offers outstanding water monitoring equipment & software for accurate results.


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Product Information

The Seneye Home (Freshwater) Kit is designed to test an aquarium for a number of vital parameters quickly and easily. It measures water levels, the pH and ammonia levels as well as temperature.

It can be dropped into the aquarium or floated on top in the Float. The unit has a USB connection so results can be sent directly to your computer. It is compatible with web browsers, iPhone, and iPad and Android devices too.

The information is analysed and solutions are recommended via the Home device, so you can log in for advice and results at the same time.

The Seneye Home is compatible with cold water, tropical and marine tanks, and is also available in the Seneye Reef format for reef aquariums. It does not need calibrating, or any additional chemicals, simply replace the pH and ammonia slides once a month.

It comes complete with one free month of Seneye+. This is an optional service that sends emails and SMS alerts, automatic graphs and other information as well as replacement pH and Ammonia slide.

Key Features:

  • One unit performs all tests
  • Information sent directly to laptop, tablet or phone
  • Tests for: Ammonia and pH levels
  • Water level alert
  • Temperature
  • Slide replacement alert
  • No mess, simply drop into the water
  • Optional Seneye+ for more information

The Seneye+ includes:

  • Replacement slide
  • Email alerts
  • SMS alerts
  • Automatic online graphing
  • Personalised advice & knowledge base

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 23/07/2020 11:07am
    Seneye Home (Freshwater)
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    Great service with fast delivery
  • Rating
    Date 05/04/2020 12:04pm
    Seneye Home (Freshwater)
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    Awesome product and worked as expected
  • Rating
    Date 11/11/2019 07:11am
    Seneye Home (Freshwater)
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    Just the job if you need to keep a check on the water parameters in your aquarium
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    Date 07/09/2017 08:09am
    Seneye Home (Freshwater)
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    Nothing yet received anything to review?
  • Rating
    Date 21/06/2015 15:06pm
    Seneye Home (Freshwater)
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    Awesome product