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Prices dropped in our January Sale + Get up to £15 extra OFF! - SEE CODE >

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  • Low-maintenance nano cube aquarium
  • Built-in filter, lighting and glass cover
  • Pre-built for easy maintenance
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A fantastic tabletop aquarium, the Qubiq 30 Pro has everything you need to create a fantastic freshwater aquascape.

What is a SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquarium?

The SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquarium is a fantastic modern aquarium for first-time fish keepers. It comes with everything you need to care for freshwater fish, including an easy-to-change filter and LED lighting. However, it is this tank’s design that is the most impressive as it is sleek and minimalist, ensuring the Qubiq aquarium fits into any room seamlessly.

Why should I buy a SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquarium?

If you’ve decided you want to start fishkeeping or are in the market for a low maintenance tank, the SuperFish Qubiq Pro is a great idea. The aquarium comes pre-built, is very easy to set up and maintenance is as simple as the occasional filter cartridge change. It’s ideal for unleashing your creativity as well, thanks to the modern glass design that will make any decor look spectacular.

Is a SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquarium suitable for tropical fish?

If you would like to keep tropical fish in your tank, you can buy an aquarium heater to create a suitable tropical environment for your fish. The SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquarium has no built-in heater so it is unsuitable for tropical fish as is.

How is it that the integrated filter compartment offers room for biological filtration?

The integrated filter compartment runs the entire height of the SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro and is quite deep to hold a biological filter cartridge, such as the SuperFish Crystal Clear cartridge which is included with the tank. This is a modern filter system that uses filtering bacteria as well as mechanical filtration to guarantee crystal clear aquarium water throughout your aquarium. The filter also boasts a fine grid and lid, keeping fish away from the filter and safe. In the filter, there's also space to house an integrated hidden heater, if you choose to add one, and the walls have been designed for smart cable support, keeping all of your wires out of the way of your tank.

Does this Qubiq Pro aquarium have built-in lighting?

The SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro comes with a built-in LED lighting unit that can switch between white and blue lighting in three dimmable steps.

What are the different types of SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquariums?

There are two different types of SuperFish Qubiq 30 Pro aquariums, black and white. Each aquarium features a mostly glass design with slight black or white accents to help them blend into your home decor. While the colours of each style are different, both tanks offer the same functionality. We currently only stock the black SuperFish Qubiq aquarium.



Brand SuperFish
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Black
Dimensions 32x43x32cm
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 2 Year
Heater? No
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume 30l
Other Hardware No
Pump? Yes
Tropical? No
Weight 8.5kg
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