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SuperFish Qubiq 60 Pro

An advanced aquarium with everything you need built-in

At a glance...
  • Low-maintenance cube aquarium
  • Built-in filter, lighting and glass cover
  • Pre-built for easy maintenance
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This aquarium takes all the stress out of tropical aquarium keeping while still looking minimalistic and modern, perfect for first-time aquarium keepers.

What is a SuperFish Qubiq 60 Pro aquarium?

The SuperFish Quibiq 60 Pro is an outstanding modern aquarium for all aquarium keepers. A step up from the Superfish Qubiq 30 Pro nano cube aquarium, this model can hold up to 60 litres of clean and healthy water, more than enough to create a small aquascape. The aquarium comes with everything needed to care for freshwater fish, including a modern filter system and LED lighting. However, the tank's design is most appealing as it is a scaled-up version of an attractive desktop nano aquarium, boasting the same minimalism and modern design that appeals to many aquarium keepers.

Why should I buy a SuperFish Qubiq 60 Pro aquarium?

If you are just starting out keeping fish, this is a low-maintenance tank with plenty of modern features to keep things easy. The aquarium comes pre-built and almost entirely ready to get started, all you need to do is the occasional filter cartridge change and your aquarium will look superb. With the SuperFish Qubiq 60 Pro, you can focus on unleashing your creativity without the need to worry about complex hardware.

Is a SuperFish Qubiq 60 Pro aquarium suitable for tropical fish?

To keep tropical fish in your SuperFish Qubiq 60 Pro you will need to buy an aquarium heater. The unit comes with no built-in heater so it will not suit tropical fish as is. The integrated space used for the filter system can also be used to hold a hidden heater.

How does the integrated filter compartment offer room for biological filtration?

The integrated filter compartment offers room for biological filtration as it runs from the bottom to the top of the aquarium. This creates a deep space for the filter and heater cables (sold separately) to process and heat the aquarium water respectively. By using a biological filter medium in the integrated filter compartment, you can grow a bacterial colony that will remove waste and toxins in the water, keeping it cleaner for longer.

Does this Qubiq Pro aquarium have built-in lighting?

Yes, this model comes with a built-in LED light with the ability to switch between white and blue lighting in three dimmable steps, making healthy plant growth much easier than in other aquariums. The light also features smart cable support to keep wires hidden.



Dimensions W:40 x D:40 x H:51 cm
Volume 60l
Built-in filter? Yes, Biological filter with Crystal Clear cartridge
Heater included? No
Lighting included? 20 Volt, 12 Watt, PAR 223, IP24 (dimbaar)
Canopy? Yes
Material Glass
Guarantee 2 years
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