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SuperFish Start 50 Tropical Aquarium Kit

A complete 45 litre tropical fish tank

At a glance...
  • Stylish 45 litre tropical aquarium kit
  • Includes LED lighting, filter, heater and accessories
  • Ideal for beginner and seasoned aquarists
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A contemporary 45l tropical aquarium ideal for beginner fishkeepers who want to get started in the aquarium hobby.

What is SuperFish Start 50 Tropical Aquarium Kit?

Superfish Start 50 Tropical Aquarium Kit is a superb modern aquarium for first-time fishkeepers as well as experienced aquarists. This tropical aquarium comes with everything you need to care for tropical fish and plants including a 45-litre aquarium, energy-efficient LED lighting, a heater, a thermometer and an easy-to-change internal filter. With its sleek glass design and black finish, the Superfish Start 50 Aquarium will fit seamlessly in any room in your home.

What’s included in this tropical aquarium kit?

This aquarium kit comes with equipment, hardware and the essentials to get you started with setting up a tropical fish tank, such as:

  • A rectangular glass aquarium: Measuring L:44 x W:28cm x H:44 cm (including the hood), the aquarium is pre-built and features modern glass making aquarium decor look fantastic. It also features an aquarium cover with an easy-access feeding flap to make feeding fish easy. The whole lid lifts off making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  • Aqua Flow 100 internal filter: This modern filter system features a dual-action filter cartridge consisting of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration to guarantee crystal clear aquarium water throughout your aquarium. Easy to use and maintain, simply clean the cartridge weekly and replace it monthly.
  • 5W LED light: The LED lighting included in this kit is energy-efficient and offers fantastic light output, making fish colours stand out beautifully.
  • 100W aquarium heater: Heats up your aquarium water to the right temperature required. It has an integrated thermostat to easily maintain the correct temperature.
  • Aqua Start water conditioner Makes tap water suitable and safe for your aquarium inhabitants by removing toxic substances like chlorine. This can be added after your aquarium has been filled up.
  • Bacto Start filter starter: This filter starter helps the biological filter to start and maintains water quality.
  • Hikari tropical fish food: An easily digestible diet for tropical fish. This high-quality fish food keeps your water clean and clear. We recommend feeding once a day as little as your fish will eat in 5 minutes.
  • Thermometer: This allows you to check the water temperature of your aquarium with ease.
  • Fish net: Using a fish net is ideal for catching or removing plant waste and other debris from your fish tank.

What do I need to buy with this tropical fish tank?

Although the SuperFish Start 50 aquarium set comes with a full range of hardware, the contents and decoration of the tank are up to you. Whether you want a planted tank with real aquarium plants or a decorative aquarium for your fish to explore, we recommend stocking up on aquarium gravel and aquarium decor to create your aquascape. Aquarium test kits will also determine your water chemistry making your tank safe for your aquarium inhabitants.



Brand SuperFish
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Black
Dimensions 44x28x42cm
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 2 Year
Heater? Yes
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume 45l
Other Hardware No
Pump? Yes
Tropical? Yes
Weight 25kg
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