Swell 12cm Airstone

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The Swell Airstone is a large airstone for use in ponds, great for when you have the need to concentrate your airflow into one spot. Sintered by high temperatures.


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Product Information

Swell Airstones are solid reliable airstones which are very weighted and supply high amounts of oxygen to your pond.

Air stones are a must in our koi ponds and quarantine tanks, where the good bacteria in your filter needs plenty of oxygen to combat the bad. In larger ponds with lots of fish, waste can be a problem so ensuring a good supply of oxygen to aid biological filtration, good water conditions and of course good fish health is vital.

Our own brand air stones are designed to be used with an air pump and airline (not included).

  • They produce very fine aeration and can be used in conjunction with any good air pump
  • Plastic end housings protect the air stone against abrasive contact
  • This added protection provides long life and trouble free operation.
  • Airstone size: 3cm diameter and 12cm
  • To fit airline: 4/6mm.

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