Swell Alfagrog in Bag

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Swell Alfagrog is a superb biological filter media featuring a huge surface area to become a home for nitrifying bacteria, aiding the cleaning process of your water in your pond. You will struggle to find the same quality for less money.


  • Alfagrog in bag - 400g
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  • Alfagrog in bag - 1.6kg
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Product Information

Alfagrog is a very porous biological filter media that has a large surface area for bacteria to congregate in. It is ideal for use in any biological filter system and is very popular among koi keepers and commonly used in multi chamber filter systems. Many pond keepers opt to swap plastic bio media for this material for a longer life and better results.

Swell Alfagrog comes in a handy mesh zip up bag for easy maintenance and is available in two different sizes making it ideal for ponds or aquariums.

Available in two sizes:-

Small bags - 20x30cm (400g)

Large bags - 30x30cm (1.6kg)

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