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  • Fast and effective treatment for pond parasites
  • Encourages mucus growth to prevent parasites
  • Treats 22,500 litres of pond water
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A really good treatment for body flukes in pond fish.

What is Swell Anti Parasite Water Treatment?

Swell Anti Parasite Water Treatment helps control and prevent common parasites in garden ponds. This solution is the easiest and most effective way to a healthy fish pond. It encourages mucus growth to physically protect against parasites. Available in a 1 litre easy to dose bottle, Swell Anti Parasite Water Treatment will treat 22,500 litres of pond water.

What are the benefits of using an anti-parasite water treatment?

Parasites by their nature can be harmful to both pond livestock and aquatic ecosystems. They can quickly spread and cause devastation to your system. Swell Anti Parasite Water Treatment ensures your pond water is parasite-free and controls parasites such as white spot, Trichodina, gill flukes, Costia and slime disease.

This all-around anti-parasite pond treatment is ideal to use before winter and again in the spring to eradicate any possible parasites and ensure healthy pond fish well into the summer. Fluctuating temperatures can cause fish stress which leaves them susceptible to disease, a treatment such as this can keep your pond in the best of health.

How can I tell if there are parasites in my pond?

Pond parasites are usually seen as unusual fish behaviour. Fish disease prevention starts with checking fish regularly - make sure to look at and watch your pond fish as often as possible so that if something is wrong, you'll notice it right away. Sitting near the bottom, clamped fins, gasping, and when fish have a white cloudy appearance on their eyes or skin are all signs that need to be investigated immediately. If you know the behaviour of your fish, you will be able to spot problems sooner and ensure they are treated right away.

It’s important to check the specifics of any treatment or other fish medications used to ensure that it is suitable for the fish species you have. Many treatments are not suitable for sensitive species like orfe, rudd, sturgeon and sterlets. It’s also vital to ensure that you follow the included instructions carefully, and ensure you do not overdose, as this can cause more damage to a pond system.

Directions for use:

Swell UK Anti Parasite Water Treatment bottle will treat 22,500 litres (4950 gallons) at a dose rate of 10 ml per 225 litres (50 gallons). Simply shake the bottle and remove the safety cap, squeeze it to fill measure and pour it into your pond. Repeat after five days if necessary. Use no more than three times a month.

Bottle size 1 litre
Treats 22,550 litres (4950 gallons)
Suitable for All pond types
Fish safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes

Contains 0.1% Cationic Dyes weight by volume (pond water). 1% Formalin weight by volume (pond water). 2% Saline weight by volume (pond water).

Keep away from children and pets. Harmful to skin and eyes. If the solution makes contact with skin, wash thoroughly. If in contact with eyes, wash for several minutes with clean water. This treatment can be harmful if overdosed.

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