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Swell Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls

Pond plant fertiliser for giving your pond plants a little boost

At a glance...
  • Nutrient-rich fertiliser for aquatic plants
  • Easy to add to your pond or aquarium soil to enrich plant life
  • Each pack contains 10 fertiliser balls
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These plant fertiliser balls will encourage better plant growth and help plants like lilies produce more flowers.

What is Swell Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls?

Swell Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls are full of natural nutrients that aquarium and pond plants can thrive on. Adding this pond plant fertiliser to your soil or gravel ensures it’s rich in minerals and supports strong plant growth. Swell Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls come in a handy pack of 10 and should be inserted into your pond soil with 1 ball covering around 20cm² area. They can be replaced as needed but around 6-8 weeks is normal.

What are the benefits of pond plant fertiliser?

Pond plant fertiliser is designed for your garden pond and aquatic plants to stimulate lush growth and vibrancy. Fertiliser balls provide food straight to the roots of your plants and can be used throughout a planted area. Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls from Swell contain a high dose of nutrients and trace elements, so they can be used as targeted nutrition to accelerate cell growth and result in luxurious plant growth.

Can I use Swell Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls in my planted aquarium?

Yes, for best results with aquarium plants, use fertiliser balls with planted tank substrates like aquascaping soils which are soft to encourage root growth.

What should I buy with pond plant fertiliser?

We recommend using high-quality pond soil with Swell Aquatic Plant Fertiliser Balls to let your plants thrive and give them the best start for healthy growth.

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