Swell Artificial Driftwood

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Attractive natural looking ornament that add character to your aquarium.


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Product Information

The Swell Driftwood allows you to create a natural and exotic setting in your aquarium. The wood is an artificial product and so will not harm fish.

Swell UK's collection of natural ornaments enable you to replicate nature easily. They provide interesting structures for your fish hide behind and swim around.

Matched with Swell UK own brand artificial plants or maybe even surrounded by some live plants you can create a natural aquascape within your aquarium, soon enough your fish will establish their territories in and around your new ornaments.

Key Features:

  • Attractive natural looking ornament
  • Adds character to your aquarium
  • Size Is 24cm Long x 13cm Wide x 24cm High
  • 6 Wood Prong Design
  • Heavy Realistic Looking Driftwood

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