Swell Battery Operated Gravel Cleaner

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Swell UKs Gravel Cleaner is battery operated, and allows you to efficiently clean out your tank, or other water sources, like sumps, with easy and efficiency.


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Product Information

The Swell UK Gravel Cleaner is designed to help pull water out, and remove it, rather than some which simply filter larger particles out, but then return the same water to the system. With this, you can easily clean and remove dirt and debris from your tank, whilst removing water, in order to efficiently complete a water change within your tank.

This Gravel Cleaner is battery operated (not included), and measures at 66cm. It comes in two parts, with the main gravel cleaning pump, and then the filter part for the end of the pipe. This includes a fine mesh, to easily filter particles, and is easily installed by just sliding onto the end of the main pipe and screwing to tighten

The hose is flexible, and can be stretched and moved to ensure you can easily direct the water to your intended source, such as a bucket. This is a simple "On/Off" switch on the top to operate.

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