Swell Ceramic Lightweight Hex Bio Media

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Available in handy zip bags for easy maintenance. Available in two sizes so they can be used for both aquariums and ponds.


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Product Information

The Swell Lightweight Ceramic Bio Media is formed into hollow tubes to maximise its surface area and allow water to flow around it easily to allow for large bacteria populations to colonies.

Bacteria builds up on ceramic media which biologically filters the water. These cultures grow over time to perform great natural filtration, so you shouldn't need to change the media but if you add more it will increase the surface area, aiding filtration. Even though this product is man made it will not affect the pH balance within your aquarium or pond.

We advise to replace your media gradually over time as opposed to all in one go, the reason for this is to avoid losing any beneficial cultures which may have built up over time. Doing this gradually will encourage the useful bacteria to spread to the new media.

Available in two sizes:-

Small bags - 20x30cm (300g)

Large bags - 30x30cm (1.5kg)

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