Swell Collapsible Pond Skimmer Net 1.8m

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This Swell Collapsible Pond Skimmer Net 1.8m is great for getting rid of debris on your pond that is resting on the surface. Doing so early means it won't become part of your nitrogen cycle and add to the waste dealt with by your filtration system.


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Product Information

Swell's Collapsible Pond Skimmer Net features a long extendable handle ending in a very fine mesh net, and is designed for skimming off floating debris from your pond, including algae, duckweed, leaves, pollen clumps and waste food. The sturdy design and collapsible feature will ensure long life and easy storage.

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  • Length of pole when folded: 98cm (39").
  • Length of net part: 35cm (14").
  • Length of pole when extended: 184cm (73", around six and a half feet).
  • Complete length when extended: 219cm (86", around seven feet and two inches).

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