Swell Pond Box

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Swell Pond Box is a suitable diet for all pond fish.


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Product Information

A better alternative to buying 4 individually packaged boxes of food. Swell have put together all the best selling options in one neatly packed box.

Also available are the Swell Koi Pond Food mix and Koi Treat box.

The Swell pond box contains:-

  • 60g Mixed Pond Sticks - Suit all tastes and nutritional needs. This can be fed to a variety of fish, so is ideal for mixed community ponds, and can be used throughout the year.
  • 50g Pond Flakes - Great food option for Summer, Autumn and Spring.
  • 250g Pond Pellets - Multi-purpose pond food suitable for all pond fish, giving an even and balanced diet for the benefit of community fish ponds featuring several different species.
  • 250g Pond Growth Pellets - High level of protein from soya, fish meal and spirulina which boosts fish health and condition with added vitamins A, C and vitamin D3 to enhance colours and growth for all Koi and pond fish.

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