Swell Control Sludge

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Swell Control Sludge is a fantastic way to rid your pond of that unsightly sludge and debris at the bottom of your pond. Consisting of mainly decaying biomatter, sludge can effect your pond chemistry in a bad way, so take care of it with this handy solution.


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Product Information

Swell's very own brand Swell Control Sludge is an efficient and cost effective way of keeping sludge at bay in your pond environment. Sludge is a build up of biological waste from fish, plants and other pond debris. It can result in very poor water conditions which affect the various life forms within.

This cost efficient system can treat up to 6,000 gallons/26,276 litres of pond water by simply placing the individual nuggets into the bio filter or pond water. The beneficial bacteria will then aid in the breakdown of the organic material that causes the sludge.

Easy to use, convenient nuggets make this one of the most versatile products around with no messy measuring or dosing needed. Part of our own branded range, it is of equal if not better quality than leading brands and always at an everyday low price.

Key Features:

  • Water soluble nuggets completely harmless to fish and pond livestock
  • Contains 6 easy to use nuggets
  • Easy to use, high value product
  • No measuring required
  • Beneficial bacteria from one nugget suitable for 1000 gallons / 4546 litres, during spring summer and autumn
  • This product is not a medication, but a beneficial bacteria which helps to break down organic material such as debris.


Add one nugget per 1000 gallons / 4546 litres to your pond or filter. Continue at a rate of once a week during spring, summer and autumn.

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