Swell Dragon Stone

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Swell Dragon Stone is the perfect rock for creating stunning aquascapes, especially Japanese style natural landscapes. A natural product, each one is unique and will look beautiful in your aquarium, with no leaching into the water.


  • Dragon Stone Small/Medium 10 - 18cm
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  • Dragon Stone Small/Medium 20kg Box
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Product Information

Swell Dragon Stone will add interest and texture to your aquarium. It is used all over the globe by aquascapers to create the most beautiful, natural seascapes.

Aquascaping is the creation of miniature landscapes in an aquarium. Dragon Stone is often used in the Iwagumi style, which is more minimalist than others. The appearance of the stone looks as though it hails from a volcanic region, hence the name. It has a jagged, rough texture that looks simply beautiful used with plants of all kinds.

Because Dragon Stone is a 100% natural product, the shape and size is irregular. All sizes are approximate, as no two pieces are the same, so you can be sure of the most individual look.

Take a look at the images above for an idea of the shapes and sizes of this stunning rock.

Small/Medium is approximately 10 to 18cm

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