Swell Filter Box Premium 25000 Complete Pond Kit

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An excellent quality, great value for money complete pond kit designed to create a pond of 4.3m(14') x 3m(10') x 90cm(3') deep and filters up to water volume (with fish) of 12000 litres (2600 gallons).The kit consists of a filter, pump, deluxe liner, underlay, flexi pipe and clips making this the ultimate starter kit.


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Product Information

Swell have put together this complete kit which is designed to create a pond up to 12000ltr (2600gal) of a size and around 4.3m(14') x 3m(10') x 90cm(3') deep. Easy to use and easy to install, this kit is great for people starting off with a new pond. As you can expect from our own brand, you get excellent quality, great guarantees at an affordable price!

The Filter included is capable of filtering ponds up to 12000ltr (2600 gallons/ with fish) and is best used for both ornamental and community fish ponds (no carp). It comes complete with a 18w UV clarifier that is located with the hood for easy access. The UV Clarifier (with inspection window) will eradicate green water from your pond. The filter kit comes complete with 10 foams in total, 5 course foams that are designed for catching larger debris and 5 finer foams for catching all but the tiniest debris particles. These foams are great for biological and mechanical use. For additional filtration this model comes complete with 2 media trays that can be filled with additional biological media such as Alfagrog, foams or even Carbon or Zeolite. Maintenance couldn't be any easier with its in-situ filter foam cleaning mechanism which allows you to squeeze the foams free of dirt without even getting your hands wet! The dirty water can then flushed out of the filter box with the sludge drain found at the bottom of the box.

The pump included is of course to the usual high standards expected of Swell's own brand and requires minimal maintenance due to its large strainer cage that allows debris up to 12mm to be taken up to the filter box. Its also very efficient with its low 40w motor keeping fish keeping affordable. The pump comes complete with a hose-tail so you can use a variety of pipe sizes (25mm, 32mm & 38mm).

Swell deluxe pond liner is great quality which is reflected in its life time guarantee, we also include underlay to ensure maximum protection. Excellent value for money, the 0.35mm thick HDPE liners are strong, extremely durable and UV resistant.

Premium 25000 Kit includes:

  • Swell Premium 25000 Box Filter.
  • Swell Filter Pump 5000lph.
  • Swell Deluxe Pond Liner 5m x 9m.
  • Swell Liner Underlay.
  • Liner will make a pond: 4.3m(14') x 3m(10') x 90cm(3') deep.
  • 6m x 32mm hose, 48cm x (70mm) outlet pipe, 2x 32mm clips.
  • Kit will filter a 12000 litre (2600 gallon) community fish pond (no koi).
  • UV Bulb included (replacement bulb; 18w PLS bulb).

Pond Size
Max Flow Rate
Max Head Height
UV Bulb
Filter 25,000L (No Fish)
12,500L (With Fish)
6,250L (With Koi)
N/A N/A 18w PLS 32mm (included) 70mm (Not included)
Recommended - Oase Biotec
51 x 46 x 53cm UV Cable 4m 1 year
Pump N/A 5000 LPH 3.5m N/A 32mm (included) 70mm (Not included) 20 x 15 x 10cm 10m 3 year

If you already have your liner and underlay, you can just purchase the Swell Filter Box Premium Kit 25000, including pond pump, UV clarifier and filter box here.

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