Swell Filter Box Premium Kit 45000

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Swell Filter Box Premium Kit 45000 filter set is designed for ponds up to 45000ltrs, and provide everything you need for your pond - an excellent quality pond pump, UV clarifier and a filter box. Premium quality and an affordable price!


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Product Information

Our Swell Premium box filter kit 45000 is an XL professional pond filter set up for all pond types. They are extremely effective flow-through gravity filters that incorporating unique filter foam media for efficient mechanical and biological filtration.

This extra large model is capable of filtering large ponds up to 45,000 litres (9900 gallons) and is ideal for wildlife, community and Koi ponds. The kit includes a large UVC of 36w that can be found within the lid (for easy access) that will eradicate green water completely from your pond. Checking the UV light couldn't be any easier with its UV spy hole.

The filter kit comes complete with a massive 20 foams in total, 10 course foams designed for catching larger debris and 10 fine for catching all but the tiniest debris particles to ensure a clear pond. These foams are great for biological and mechanical use but for extra filtration this model comes complete with 4 media trays that can be filled with additional media such as Alfagrog, foams or even Carbon or Zeolite. Maintenance cant be any easier with its in-situ filter foam cleaning mechanism which allows you to squeeze the foams free of dirt without even getting your hands wet! The dirty water can then flushed out of the filter box with the 2 sludge drains found at the bottom of the box.

The pump included is of course to the usual high standards expected of Swell's own products and requires next to no maintenance due to its large strainer cage that allows debris up to 12mm to be taken up to the filter box. Its efficient motor only uses 85 watts making it very cheap to run on a yearly basis. The pump comes complete with a hose-tail so you can use a variety of pipe sizes (25mm, 32mm & 38mm)

Filter Box Premium Kit 45,000

  • Max pond size: 45,000ltr no fish / 22,500ltrs with fish / 11,250ltr Koi pond
  • Pump flow: 10,000lph
  • Pump head: max 5m
  • Pump cable length: 10m
  • UV cable length: 4m
  • Uses 36w UV bulb
  • Comes complete with 5m of 32mm pipe & clips
  • Outlet: 70mm (not included)
  • 2x sludge drains for cleaning
  • Dimensions: 836mm x 515mm x 542mm
  • Warranty: 1 year on filter and UV, 3 year on the pump

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    Date 24/07/2017 10:07am
    Swell Filter Box Premium Kit 45000
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    Early days yet though seems well constructed and powerful.