Swell Harlequin Gravel Red

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Swell Harlequin Gravel Red adds a huge amount of style to your aquarium, giving it a funky and abstract look not regularly found in nature. Great for making your hobby more bright and interesting for children.


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Product Information

Our own branded gravel is perfect for your aquarium. Epoxy coated with a bright, glossy red covering, it will add a splash of colour to your tank. This crimson substrate is both eye catching and cheerful, so perfect for young fish keepers.

Epoxy coating is the best way to colour gravel, as the colour will not fade or leach into the water. The coating also means there is no residue or powder that can affect the pH balance of your tank.

Our gravel is 3-8mm in size, so it is in a natural form and perfect for most applications.

Although it does not have a powdery residue, some fragments may become loose during transit, so we advise that our Red Gravel is rinsed briefly before use.

Harlequin Gravel is available in 2.5kg or 5kg bags.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-washed
  • Bright, crimson red
  • Inert - won't affect your water pH
  • Epoxy coated so no powder
  • Perfect for kids aquariums
  • Great value

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    Date 05/10/2016 15:10pm
    Swell Harlequin Gravel Red 5kg
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    Very nice will look great in fish tank