Swell Koi Food Box

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Swell Koi Pond Mix is a perfect balance of specialised foods to target growth, colour enhancement and a general mixture of treats and sinking food.


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Product Information

A better alternative to buying 4 individually packaged boxes of food. Swell have put together all the best selling options in one neatly packed box.

Also available are the Swell Community Pond Box and Koi Treat box

The Koi Mix contains:-

  • 250g Koi Colour Pellets - The high quality ingredients are easily metabolised by your fish, colour enhancing and leave minimum waste which ensures your water quality remains good.
  • 250g Koi Growth Pellets - Designed with a higher protein level than standard foods for rapid growth. Easy to digest, the food leaves little waste.
  • 400g Koi Sinking Pellets - Enables the Koi that prefer to feed at the bottom to eat without having to compete at the surface with other fish.
  • 125g Koi Treat Mix - Contains half dried mealworms and half silkworm pupae, they are a high protein treat for your Koi. Silkworm are a recognised high energy and high protein food that is easily digested with little waste.

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