Swell Lightweight Pond Nets

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Multiple options of Interchangeable lightweight pond nets and poles to suit various kinds of maintenance.


  • Trapeze Net Head 30cm Sale
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  • Trapeze Net Head 40cm Sale
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  • Round Net Head 30cm Sale
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  • Sludge Net Head 30cm Sale
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  • Algae Net 40x30cm Sale
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  • Blanketweed Brush Sale
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  • 1.5m Telescopic Pole Sale
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  • 1.8m Telescopic Pole Sale
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  • 1.2m Solid Pole Sale
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Product Information

The Swell Range of lightweight pond nets are tough, reliable and perfect for ponds with smaller fish. These nets feature a "screw on" attachment so you can change to different sizes and types of nets in a matter of seconds.

Each net type is different in size with a choice of course or fine netting to suit different uses in your pond making maintenance easier. The trapeze and round style nets have deep mesh for catching fish, where as the algae and sludge nets are much shallower so you can scoop out any debris, leaves and algae.

Nets sizes available:

  • Trapeze Net Head 30cm
  • Trapeze Net Head 40cm
  • Round Net Head 30cm
  • Sludge Net Head 30cm
  • Algae Net 40x30cm
  • Blanketweed Brush

Pole Measurements:

  • 1m - 1.8m Telescopic Pole
  • 80cm - 1.5m Telescopic Pole
  • 1.2m Solid Pole

Nets and poles sold separately.

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