Swell Lotus Pods

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Natural Lotus Pods, ideal for adding extra decoration to your aquarium, giving a fresh and unique look.


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Product Information

The Swell Natural Lotus Pods come in a pack of 2, and approximately 5cm in diameter. Each is a completely natural Lotus Pod, so the shapes and sizes will vary from piece to piece. They are naturally harvested and dried, without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. These are the seed head from the Lotus plant, and weigh almost nothing, but are a great way to add a new look to your aquarium.

The by-product of Lotus plant that is used for human consumption, these make a great addition to your aquarium, especially when used alongside other natural decor to really create a theme, or biotope, for your inhabitants.

Before use, you can boil these for around 30-40m and then leave to soak overnight, which will reduce their buoyancy and encourage them to sink and allow you to accurately aquascape with them and really get the look that you're after.

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