Swell Maui Quartz Sand Coarse

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A stunning and inert aquarium substrate, this Swell Maui Quartz Sand Coarse comes at a great price and has been cleaned for dust a debris before packaging.


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Product Information

Part of our excellent range of substrates, the Maui Quartz Coarse Sand is perfect to add a hint of Hawaii to your aquarium. It can be used in all aquariums, but is especially suited to use in planted, freshwater tanks.

This coarse sand has grains of around 1.5mm in size. It is inert, as well as dye and powder free so it will not affect the pH value of your aquarium. It is prewashed too, so it will not cause cloudy or murky water. However we do recommend a brief rinse before use, to remove any particles that may have chipped during transit.

Maui Quartz Sand is mostly a pearly white and silvery colour with a few other pale coloured grains in the mix. From a distance it looks silver but up close there the occasional pink and orange grain in there which gives a creamy, frosty look to the substrate. It has a shimmering look that creates the most gorgeous effect.

Maui Sand is available in three different size bags, 5kg and 25kg.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-washed
  • Shimmering, pale gold sand
  • Inert - won't affect your water pH
  • No dyes and no powder
  • Gives a natural look to your aquarium
  • Great value

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    Swell Maui Quartz Sand Coarse 5kg
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    Swell Maui Quartz Sand Coarse 5kg
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