Swell Maui Sand Fine

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Swell Maui Quartz Sand is part of our range of aquarium sands for those who want a natural look to their aquarium. Inert anc cleaned before packaging, it is safe to use in your fish tank.


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Product Information

If you can't get to the shimmering beaches of Hawaii yourself, you can bring a glimpse to your aquarium with our Maui Quartz Sand.

This fine grained substrate is a pearlescent white and silver with a hint of pale coloured grains too. This presents a pale, creamy substrate which gives a tropical look.

The sand is a natural substance, but has a rounded edge to protect the delicate skin of bottom dwellers. The sand is inert and won't affect the pH of your water. It is also pre-washed and includes no dyes and it won't give off powder so you don't have to worry about this substrate making your water murky.

However, we do recommend rinsing the sand before use, to remove any small particles that appear during transit.

Maui Sand is available in three different size bags, 5kg and 25kg.

Key Features:

  • Comes pre-washed
  • Inert - won't affect your water pH
  • No dyes and no powder
  • Gives a natural look to your aquarium
  • Great value

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    Date 22/04/2018 11:04am
    Swell Maui Sand Fine 20kg
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    Great website had just what I was looking for. Great price, and I will be using again