Swell Medium Aquarium Accessory Pack

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The Swell Medium Aquarium Pack is a handy kit for aquariums between 40cm and 60cm, featuring a handful and essential starters to get things going - perfect as a present for an aquarium lover who is just starting out.


  • Medium Aquarium Accessory Pack
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Product Information

The Swell Medium Aquarium Pack is ideal for aquariums of 60cm and over. It contains everything that you need to look after your aquarium to the best standard.

To condition the water, we have included API Quick Start. Popular among aquarists of all levels, this treatment boosts the cycling process with special bacteria. API Stress Coat is also in the box, this handy treatment will treat tap water, removing all chlorine, chloramine and other elements that are highly toxic to fish.

We know that testing the water is vital too, so we have included API 5 in 1 Test Strips. These simple to use test strips are ideal to keep an eye on the values of nitrate, nitrite and more.

A selection of maintenance equipment is also included to keep the gravel and tank clean. Foof for both cold water and tropical fish is in the box too, so whatever type of tank you have, you are ready for your fish!

The pack includes:

  • API Quick Start to begin your aquarium cycle
  • API Stress Coat to make tap water safe
  • Plant tongs
  • Gravel cleaner
  • API test strips
  • Algae pad
  • Goldfish flake food
  • Tropical flake food

What else can I buy to get me started?

  • Decor pack (sold separately):
    24" plant pack and 40cm background
  • Gravel (sold separately):
    Natural gravel 5kg

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