Swell Natural Tubifex

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A natural fish food to encourage instinctive feeding behaviours, Swell Natural Tubifex can be bought at unbelievably low prices to help you feed your fish well, for less.


  • Natural Tubifex 60g (500ml)
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  • Natural Tubifex 120g (1ltr)
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Product Information

Tubifex is a 100% natural fish food that is freeze dried, making it one of the most nutritious and convenient foods for your pond fish. Tubifex are also known as sludge worms, which inhabit the river or water course floor and form part of a natural fish diet.

Packed with over 55% protein these tasty cubes are an ideal food source that leaves fish shining with health and vitality.

They can be used not only in your garden pond but also in aquariums both tropical and cold water. It can also be used to feed semi-aquatic amphibians. The dense 8mm thick cubes can be stuck to the glass to provide a great feeding station and also dropped directly into the water.

Protein 55.9%, fat 6.4%, crude fibre 14.3%, ash 7.73%

Packed in a re-sealable plastic tub for added convenience and longevity. Available in 60g and 120g tubs.

Key Features:

  • Freeze dried for convenience.
  • High in vitamins and minerals.
  • Tasty protein rich worms.
  • Can be used in ponds, tropical and fresh water aquariums and amphibian terrariums too.
  • 8mm cubes can be stuck to glass or dropped into water.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 22/02/2021 15:02pm
    Swell Natural Tubifex 120g (1ltr)
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    fantastic value for money even when they had the vat on at the end
  • Rating
    Date 01/10/2020 06:10am
    Swell Natural Tubifex 120g (1ltr)
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    Super foods,Aquarium fish love them,
  • Rating
    Date 18/04/2020 07:04am
    Swell Natural Tubifex 120g (1ltr)
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    Again fish are eating them but have only fed a couple of times
  • Rating
    Date 02/01/2020 09:01am
    Swell Natural Tubifex 60g (500ml)
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    Very good value for money.
  • Rating
    Date 10/09/2019 17:09pm
    Swell Natural Tubifex 60g (500ml)
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    Very good value and useful product