Swell No More Blanketweed

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Rid your pond of nuisance Blanketweed with the Swell No More Blanketweed control, which is an easy to use, low clouding and all natural treatment. All this at a much more affordable price when compared to other brands.


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Product Information

Algae can be a major problem in ponds, causing discoloured water, green scum at the pond edges, or dense mats of green "hair looking" growth under the surface. If conditions are favourable, Blanketweed will spread quickly and can harm aquatic life. Blanket weed is a very common pond algae and have dense growths of hair-like green strands that float under or on the surface, or cling to plants at the side of the pond.

No More Blanketweed is an infusion of all natural minerals and additives which when added to your pond will successfully combat blanket weed. The treatment consists of an infusion of natural minerals,enzymes and additives. An easy and effective treatment with an added low clouding formula meaning you can still enjoy your pond when treatment is added.

It is recommended to use in conjunction with Swell Sludge Control to rid the pond of dead blanketweed.

Application: 1KG treats 11,250ltrs (2,500 gallons) Simply mix the powder in a bucket of pond water or in a watering can and pour into pond. Try to pour around the edge of your pond where the blanketweed is growing. You should see the Blanketweed start to clear in a short while.

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    Date 03/12/2018 20:12pm
    Swell No More Blanketweed 1KG
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    Fast delivery but really should not put heavy items in the same parcel as fragile items
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    Date 11/09/2018 11:09am
    Swell No More Blanketweed 1KG
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    had it before does what is required
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    Date 11/07/2018 06:07am
    Swell No More Blanketweed 1KG
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    seems to be working, waiting for water to clear