Swell Pond Clean Water Treatment

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Swell Pond Clean Water is an effective cloudy water treatment that offers incredible value for money in comparison to other leading brands, and can help get your water quality back to being perfect again.


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Product Information

Our own branded Swell Pond Clean Water has been formulated to:

  • Breakdown waste and sediment
  • Cut down on maintenance
  • Boost biological filter performance

Working as well as the leading brands, Clean Water clears sediment and waste and removes pollution, leaving a cleaner, healthier pond.

It is great to use in a new pond too, as it boosts the biological bacteria that breaks down nitrite and ammonia into less harmful nitrate.

Our own brand products compare more than favourably with other market leaders and always win on price, thanks to our everyday low prices.

Add 10ml per 450 lires (100 gallons) of pond water.

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