Swell Pond Cover Nets - Black

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Swell Pond Cover Nets are ideal for keeping herons and other predators out of your pond. The strong and durable netting comes in 5 different sizes but can also be cut to size.


  • Cover Net 3 x 2 Metres Sale
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  • Cover Net 4 x 3 Metres Sale
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  • Cover Net 6 x 4 Metres Sale
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  • Cover Net 6 x 10 Metres Sale
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Product Information

In a black material, the net blends easily in to the water surface and keeps leaves and other garden debris our of the water and easy to remove. The Swell Pond Nets are extremely durable and come complete with fixing pegs.

Nets are also ideal to protect fish from predators such as cats, foxes and herons a common problem among fish keepers. Heron Deterrents are also available in many forms from decor to electrical devices.

Please note that nets are not sufficient to stop children from falling in to the pond. Use a suitable pond guard and constant supervision to keep young children safe.

Key Features:

  • Provides protection from predators such as herons, cats and foxs.
  • Prevents leaves falling into the pond and causing water quality problems and blockages.
  • Stops fish from jumping out of the pond causing damage or even death.
  • Designed for all weather conditions.
  • Can also be used to protect garden plants and vegetables.

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