Swell Pond Shelter

Keep your pond protected from predators and debris

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  • Pond shelter keeps leaves, debris and predators out of your pond
  • Pin in place with 30 stakes included
  • 6 mm mesh net, net measures 6x3.5 m
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The Pond Shelter is an award winning product to keep your pond safe. It scooped the award for best water-gardening product at Aqua 2011, an international event.

The Pond Shelter keeps leaves, debris and predators out of your pond. It can be used for Koi ponds or other ponds. It is rust proof with an aluminium frame that's built to last. The frame's telescopic design means it can be placed on uneven terrain, so if you have a pond with graduated sides, you can position it however you need it.

There is no assembly required - simply pull the net out of the box, place the net over your pond and secure it with the stakes. 30 stakes are included to pin it in place.

The net measures 6 metres x 3.5 metres (max) with 6mm mesh netting which comes pre-assembled on the frame.

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