Swell Pressure Filter Deluxe 8000 & 6500 Filter Pump Deluxe

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The Swell pressure deluxe pump and filter kit are designed for ponds up to 8000ltrs, simple to maintain and extremely easy to hide, make this ideal for almost any pond type.


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Product Information

Swell Pressurised Deluxe 8,000 pump and filter kit is supplied with a 9w UV light, which prevents growth of algae and eradicates harmful micro-organisms, which removes that horrible green look to your beautiful pond. They are designed to be continuously run by the pond pump to maintain excellent water quality for healthy water for your fish.

The beauty of using this pressure filter kit is that it can be located anywhere in your garden and can even be buried out of sight. These make ideal filters for small goldfish ponds or even larger Koi ponds and ensure excellent results. With these filters being under pressure they can even feed waterfalls that are at a higher level and don't rely on a gravity feed back to the pond.

The supplied 6,500lph Swell Filter Pump Deluxe is more than suitable for supplying adequate water to the filter, ensuring the filter is working at its best. The filter pump is also great for watercourses and waterfalls, it will easily handle particles up to 8mm in size and each one includes a thermal cut-off switch to ensure the motor is undamaged in the event of a blockage which might have been fatal for other pumps without this feature. Every Swell Filter pump is rated to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and include a stepped hose-tail for connection to your pond hose and an easy-access strainer cage for ease of maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Can be run all year round.
  • Pressurised Filter allows exiting water to run up-hill on exiting filter.
  • Biological and Mechanical Filter included (3 x Large Foams, 1 x Fine and 2 x Coarse and Bio Balls).
  • Enables Rapid Growth of Aerobic Bacteria.

Product Pond Size Max LPH Max Head Height Inlet and Outlet Dimensions UV Bulb Cable Guarantee
Filter 8,000L (No Fish)
4,000L (With Fish)
No suitable for Koi
N/A N/A 15mm, 20mm and 25mm 38 x 32 x 40mm 9w PLS UV Cable 1.5m 1 year
Pump N/A 6,500LPH 3.50m 25mm - 40mm Ø297 x 155mm N/A 10m 3 years

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