Swell Pressure Filter Premium 15000 & 7500 Filter Pump

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Swell Premium Pressure Filter kits are excellent quality systems at a very competitive price. They are made from high grade, robust plastic and with their simple cleaning mechanism and built in high powered UV they will keep your pond water clean and healthy. They are suitable for garden ponds up to 15,000 litres


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    Free: FREE 5m of 38mm pipe & 2x 40mm hose clips

Product Information

Our range of Swell Pressurised Premium Pond Filters are supplied with UV lighting, which prevents growth of algae which causes green water. They are designed to be continuously run by your pond pump to maintain excellent water quality for healthy water for your fish. The beauty of using this pressure filter is that it can be located anywhere in your garden and can even be buried to be out of sight. These make ideal filters for small goldfish ponds or even larger koi ponds and ensure excellent results. With these filters being under pressure they can even feed waterfalls that are at a higher level and don't rely on a gravity feed back to the pond.

The Swell Pressure Filter Premium kit 15000 has a fantastic rotating cleaning handle on the head making it easy to clean and for maximum effect. This model has a unique feature that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned by using a small float, which pops-out of the head of the unit when required. By simply turning the handle you can rinse clean the interior sponge, so there is minimal manual cleaning needed. Once rinsed with the turning handle, the outlet can be opened to discharge dirty water containing debris until it runs clean and basic maintenance is complete.

The pump supplied with this kit is the Swell Filter pump 7500, which delivers the correct amount of water to the filter to ensure the filter works at its best. They feature an extremely efficient motor, requiring (for example) only 40 watts to achieve 2500 litres per hour of flow - far better than many pumps currently on the market, and every Swell Filter pump is rated to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and include a stepped hose-tail for connection to your pond hose and an easy-access strainer cage for ease of maintenance.


Swell Premium Pressure Filter Kit 15000:

  • Kit includes Swell Premium Pressure filter 15000 & Swell Filter pump 7500
  • UV Clarifier power - 18w PLL
  • Inlet/Outlet hose adaptor fits: 25mm, 32mm and 38mm
  • Cable length - 5m
  • Dimensions: 549 x 410 x 527mm
  • Warranty on filter: 1 year
  • Warrenty on pump: 3 years
  • Upto 15000 Litres (3300 Gallons) Pond with no fish
  • Upto 7500 Litres (1700 Gallons) Pond with fish (excluding Koi)
  • Upto 3750 Litres (825 Gallons) Pond with Koi
  • Comes complete with Swell 7500 Filter pump
  • 5m of 38mm piping and clips included

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    Date 12/10/2018 12:10pm
    Swell Pressure Premium 15,000 Complete Pond Kit
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    Good quality and works well
  • Rating
    Date 03/10/2017 20:10pm
    Swell Pressure Filter Premium 15000 & 7500 Filter Pump
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    All looks very good value for money. No manual for the pump which is a shame. But others wise looks a good set up. Only time will tell.