Swell PVC Pond Liner Lifetime Guarantee

A professional-grade pond liner

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  • Extra-thick 0.5mm PVC pond liner
  • UV and tear resistant
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
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What is the Swell PVC Pond Liner?

The Swell PVC Pond Liner creates a durable barrier to protect your pond from leaks and drainage. This pond liner is made from 0.5mm thick PVC that's both tear- and UV-resistant, allowing this liner to endure for years after installation. The pond liner is easy to lay and maintain, it even features a lifetime guarantee against UV damage - so you can be sure it will stand up to the test of time.

How does this pond liner compare to other butyl pond liners and PVC pond liners?

The Swell PVC pond liner offers a great combination of durability and value for money, coming in cheaper than most other PVC pond liners and butyl pond liners on the market. Like all the pond liners in Swell's huge range, this liner is made from a UV resistant material, to avoid degradation over time that could, in turn, cause a pond to drain.

Is this liner easy to install?

Yes, although they don't stretch like highly flexible butyl or other agricultural fabrics, PVC liners are supple and easy to install, even around corners, while also being an economic option. Although this is one of the most puncture-resistant liners on the market with the best protection, it still needs to be placed on a pond liner underlay of the same length and width to prevent leaks caused by sharp roots and rocks in the walls of ponds.

What size pond liner do I need?

Enter the width, length and depth of your planned pond into the Pond Liner Calculator on our website and we'll supply you with the best size liner for your needs. You'll need an underlay of roughly the same length and width to give your liner soft bedding.

What does the guarantee cover?

This pond liner comes with a lifetime guarantee. As with all liners sold in the UK, this covers UV damage only, rather than punctures, and you will still need to install your liner over a suitable pond liner underlay of a similar length and width from our huge range to keep it watertight. This ensures that your liner will stay intact, even over longer and larger projects, and if its UV resistance fails we will replace it.




Material PVC
Thickness 0.5mm
Colour Black
Liner suppleness Very
Liner stretchiness No stretch
UV resistant Yes
Guarantee Lifetime
Underlay included No
Underlay type Not included
Pond sizes Small-medium
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