Swell Small Ball Airstones

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Great for smaller aquariums that need plenty of oxygen in the water, these Small Ball Airstones by Swell UK are available at an unbeatable price.


  • Air Stone Small Ball 30mm diameter
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Product Information

Swell Japanese Small Ball Air stones are designed for use in garden ponds to create a stream of bubbles that shares the oxygen around the water. This is essential to ensure that fish and plants receive enough vital oxygen for good health and also supports natural processes within the pond.

This smaller size is ideal in small ponds or water features with plants.

Key Features:

  • Made from a refined ceramic compound.
  • They produce very fine aeration and can be used in conjunction with any good air pump.
  • All of the ceramic air products have plastic end housings which protect the air stone against abrasive contact from any surrounding surfaces. This added protection provides long life and trouble free operation.
  • Airstone size: 30m x 30mm (H x DIA).
  • To fit airline: 4mm.

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