Swell Solar Powered Fountain Set - Fountain pump for ponds

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The Swell Solar Powered Fountain Set contains a powerful fountain pump and solar panel to power the pump. The set creates impressive fountain displays that are sure to both entertain guests and oxygenate your water, creating a healthier habitat for your pond life. This model also comes with a built-in battery backup which will keep the fountain going through overcast days and late into the evening.


  • Fountain Pump - 150 LPH
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Product Information

What is a Swell Solar Powered Fountain Set?

The Swell Solar Powered Fountain Set is designed to give you everything you need to set up a low-cost fountain in minutes. Featuring both a solar panel and battery backup, it has everything you need to create spectacular water displays day or night. The 1.5W fountain is quite impressive as well, with a 70cm maximum projection height - suitable for small and medium ponds.

What are the benefits of Solar Powered Pumps?

Solar-powered pumps make pond keeping cheaper and easier. With our Swell Solar Powered Fountain Set all you need to do is plant the included solar panel in a sunny spot, hook it up with the 5m power line to your pump and you're all set. For the best results, keep your solar panel clean so the maximum amount of light reaches the panel.

How does a solar battery backup work?

A solar battery backup stores excess solar energy to keep your pump running in overcast and evening conditions. It will activate whenever it detects the solar panel isn't producing enough energy and so you can be sure it will only be used when needed. You can also charge the battery up with a mains power supply if there have been a few days without any direct sunlight.

What happens if the fountain gets blocked?

If your fountain starts to slow down or underperform, you can unscrew it and pull it open to give the pre-filter a good clean. The pre-filter stops any solids that are too large from entering the pump but it can also become blocked by grime or sludge. Regularly clean your pump to ensure top performance.


Material Plastic
Cable length5m
Guarantee1 year
Country of origin
Maximum fountain height70cm
Max flow rate150lph
Battery backup? Yes

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