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SUMMER MEGA SALE prices slashed by up to 70% - SHOP NOW. >

Swell Solar Powered Air Pump Kit

A great way to keep your pond oxygenated without any running costs

At a glance...
  • Solar-powered air pump kit for outdoor ponds
  • Comes complete with five air stones and battery backup
  • Two models to choose between
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What is the Swell Solar Powered Air Pump Kit?

Our Swell Solar Powered Air Pump Kit is noticeably compact and built to last with brushless motor technology - making it highly efficient and long-lasting for your peace of mind. Each of the kits we stock is extremely quiet when running but still capable of creating a big airflow, making them perfect for both smaller and larger ponds. The 190 kit has two outputs both giving 180lph and the 700 kit has 4 outputs giving 1200lph.

What are the benefits of using Air Pumps?

Air Pumps provide essential oxygenation that benefits the health of fish, wildlife and general biological pond activity which rely on oxygen to survive. Adding oxygen into a fish pond is very important, particularly in the summer months when oxygen levels drop, but also in winter months as the movement in the water prevents the pond from freezing over.

Why should I buy a solar-powered pump?

As many pond owners know, running a pond can be expensive. Using a solar-powered air pump instead of running your pump from the mains means you won't receive any unexpectedly high electricity bills. Once you have the panel set up correctly, all the energy you need comes from the sun and is completely free. Be sure to keep your solar panels clean to ensure they produce as much energy as possible.

How does a solar battery backup work?

As the weather can be unpredictable a solar battery backup will store energy when the sun is shining so you can still use the fountain on overcast days or during the night. You can also use a DC power supply to charge it if you need to, especially if you're planning to run it for long periods during the evening. The battery backup is protected from overcharging or over-discharging and includes a timer so you can set exactly when you want the fountain to run off it.



Material Plastic
Cable length 3m
Guarantee 1 year
Country of origin China
Maximum fountain height N/A
Power See table
Max flow rate See table
Colour Grey
Battery backup? Yes



Model Maximum flow rate Power
SOL234 180lph 70W
SOL245 1200lph 100W
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