Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain Set - Fountain Pump

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The Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain Sets offer a quick and easy way to create jaw-dropping fountain displays. It's super-easy to set up and requires no external power source thanks to a good-sized solar panel and a 5m cable connection between the panel and your pond pump. It's durable as well, we've even added a 1-year guarantee to this range for added peace of mind.


  • Waterfall/Feature Pump 2480lph
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  • Fountain Pump 2480lph
    code: SOL245 In Stock (Only 2 left!)
  • Waterfall/Feature Pump 3400lph
    code: SOL239 Out of stock
  • Fountain Pump 3400lph
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Product Information

What are Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain sets?

The Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain Sets feature multi-functional pumps designed to create spectacular water patterns and water circulation for oxygenation; perfect for large ponds, pools and garden features. It's powered by two solar panels which need to be placed directly facing the sun for maximum performance. The pumps can also be run off a solar battery backup for overcast days and evening usage.

What's the difference between the Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain sets?

The Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain sets vary in two ways. We have both a 70W and a 100W model, the 70W model is designed for use in medium ponds with a maximum fountain height of 210cm while the 100W is designed for large ponds with a maximum fountain height of 285cm.

What are the benefits of a solar powered pump?

Running a pond can be expensive and complex, however, by using a solar-powered pump, you can ensure your pump is easy to set up and has almost no running costs. Simply plant your solar panels in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, hook it up to your fountain pump via the included 5m and you'll be all set. Keep your solar panels clean to keep them producing as much energy as possible.

How does the solar battery backup work?

British weather can be unpredictable and it's fair to assume you might want to run your Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain Sets at night sometime. The built-in battery backup will store solar energy when the sun is shining which can then be used in overcast or dark conditions. You can also use a DC power supply to charge up the battery in a pinch if there have been several days of overcast weather.

What happens if the pump stops?

The pumps included in these larger sets can filter out larger particles of debris protecting the fountain from blocking up. They also feature dry run protection where two sensors on the inside of the pump will only allow the unit to start once it's fully submerged. You should clean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged with dust and dirt. The latest brushless motor technology has also been incorporated into the design and manufacturing of this pump to ensure high efficiency and a long service life.


Material Plastic
Cable length 5m
Guarantee 1 year
Country of origin China
Maximum fountain height See table
Power See table
Max flow rate See table
Colour Black/grey
Battery backup? Yes


Model Maximum projection height Power Max flow rate
SOL234 210cm 70W 2480lph
SOL245 210cm 70W 2480lph
SOL239 285cm 100W 3400lph
SOL248 285cm 100W 3400lph

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