Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain & LED Set (Inc Back Up Battery)

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A simple way to introduce an extravagant fountain display in your pond without the need for electrics.


  • Fountain Pump & LED Lights - 2480 LPH
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  • Fountain Pump & LED Lights - 2480 LPH (Inc Float Disc)
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  • Fountain Pump & LED Lights - 3400 LPH
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  • Fountain Pump & LED Lights - 3400 LPH (Inc Float Disc)
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Product Information

What are Swell Solar Fountain Pumps?

The Swell Solar Powered Deluxe Fountain pumps are multi-functional pumps designed to create extravagant water patterns and water circulation for oxygenation; perfect for large ponds, pools and garden features. Powered by two DC solar panels which need to be placed directly facing the sun for maximum performance. The pumps can also be run off a solar battery back-up for when sun energy is not an option. An LED light ring sits just underneath the water spray adding to the overall look especially at night with an option of different spray heads.

What are the benefits of Solar Powered Pumps?

As many pond owners know running a pond a can be expensive, using solar powered pumps instead of running your pump from the mains means you won't receive any unexpectedly high electricity bills. Once you have the panel set up correctly, all the energy you need comes from the sun and is completely free. Be sure to keep your solar panels clean to keep them producing as much energy as possible.

How does the solar battery back-up work?

As the weather can be unpredictable this helpful piece of equipment will store solar energy so you can still use the fountain on overcast days or at the night time. The input power is stored from what the panel collects during the day. However you can also use a DC power supply to charge it if you need too. The battery back up is protected from over charging and over discharging and includes a timer so you can set the fountain to run off it.

What happens if they stop?

The pumps included in these larger sets can filter out larger particles of debris protecting the fountain from blocking up. They also feature dry run protection where the two sensors on the inside of the pump will only allow the unit to start once full submerged. You should clean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged with dust and dirt. The latest DC brushless motor technology has also been incorporated into the design and manufacturing so the pump has high efficiency and a long service life.

What heights can they reach?

Depending on what wattage you are running the pump at and what flow rate you are set too you can reach multiple different heights as per the instruction booklets.


Flow Rate2480 LPH3400 LPH
Max Head Heights3.3 - 6.9 FT4.5 - 9.5 FT
Price PointDeluxe RangeDeluxe Range
Energy EfficiencyExcellentExcellent
Dimensions29.5 x 22 x 14.7cm29.5 x 22 x 14.7cm
Cable Length5 Metres5 Metres
Power Consumption2x 35w / 18v2 x50w / 24v
Fitted PlugNoNo
Guarantee1 Year1 Year

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