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Swell Solar Powered Floating Fountain Set with Battery Backup

A great garden pond fountain with low running costs

At a glance...
  • High powered floating fountain kits
  • Inlcludes solar panel and powerful battery backup
  • Comes with fountain heads and extensions
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Great bit of kit. I bought the 2480 model and I’m really impressed with the size of the solar panel and the fountain heads that came with it.

What are the features of the Swell Solar Powered Floating Fountain Set range?

The Swell Solar Powered Fountain Set with Battery Backup range features multi-functional floating fountain pond pumps designed to create spectacular water patterns and water circulation for oxygenation; perfect for small to large ponds and pools. They’re powered by a high-performing solar panel that needs to be placed directly facing the sun for maximum performance. With flow rates between 230lph-3400 lph, the pumps can also be run off a solar battery backup for overcast days and evening usage.

What are the benefits of a solar-powered pump?

Running a pond can be expensive and complex, however, by using our high-quality solar power panels, you can ensure your pump is easy to set up and has almost no running costs. Simply plant your solar panels in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, hook it up to your fountain pump via the included 5m cable and you'll be all set. Keep your solar panels clean to keep them producing as much energy as possible.

How does the solar battery backup work?

The weather can be unpredictable and it's fair to assume you might want to run your Swell Solar Powered Floating Fountain at night sometimes. The battery backup will store solar energy when the sun is shining which can then be used in overcast or dark conditions. You can also use a DC power supply to charge up the battery in a pinch if there have been several days of overcast weather.

What happens if the fountain gets blocked?

If your fountain starts to slow down or underperform, you can unscrew it and pull it open to give the pre-filter a good clean. The pre-filter stops any solids that are too large from entering the pump but they can also become blocked by grime or sludge. Regularly clean your pump to ensure top performance.

Please note: The impeller in this pump is a consumable part. With this being the only moving part of your pond pump, it is exposed to a lot of friction which can cause it to wear down and break over time. This component is not covered by the guarantee and can be purchased as and when required.



Material Plastic
Cable length 5 m
Guarantee 1 year
COO China
Fountain heads Apple, Volcano, Foam
Telescopic extension Yes
Battery backup Yes
Operating voltage 12V-18V
Colour Black


Product Optimum projection height Power Optimum flow rate
Fountain Pump - 230 LPH 70 cm 2.5W 230 lph
Fountain Pump - 300 LPH 90 cm 3.2W 300 lph
Fountain Pump - 610 LPH 150 cm 10.8W 610 lph
Fountain Pump - 1350 LPH 240 cm 21W 1350 lph
Fountain Pump 2480lph 210 cm 50W 2480 lph
Fountain Pump 3400lph 285 cm 100W 3400 lph
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