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The Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets are a cost-effective way to create a fantastic fountain display to impress friends and family. Thanks to a good-sized solar panel and a 5m cable connection between the panel and pump, these sets are super-easy to set up and require no external power.


  • Fountain Pump - 230 LPH
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  • Fountain Pump - 300 LPH
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  • Fountain Pump - 610 LPH
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  • Fountain Pump - 1350 LPH
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Product Information

What are Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets?

Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets contain everything you need to quickly create oxygenating water displays in your pond. The pump can run off either the included solar panel or backup battery, to ensure performance in any conditions.

What's the difference between our Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets?

We sell four different Swell Solar Powered Fountain Sets; the 2.5W, 3.2W, 10.8W and 21W sets. The 2.5W set is capable of producing a 70cm max projection height and is suitable for small and medium ponds. The 3.2W set has a max projection height of 90cm and is ideal for slightly bigger ponds. The 10.8W model is much better suited to medium ponds with a 150cm maximum projection height. Finally, the 21W model is designed for large ponds with a 240cm maximum projection height.

What are the benefits of a solar-powered pump?

Pond pumps can be quite expensive and complex to run, however, solar pumps are cheap and simple. Just find a sunny spot to place your solar panel, connect it to your pump with the included 5m power cable and you'll be ready to start pumping without any need to worry about running costs.

How does the solar battery backup work?

A solar battery backup allows you to keep running your pump in overcast conditions and late into the evening. By storing excess power produced during sunny conditions, the battery makes recharges and keeps the fountain going. It can even be charged via a mains adapter if you've gone a few days without any sun.

What happens if they block?

If you notice the flow of your fountain has slowed considerably, you can unscrew it and pull the pump apart to give it a good rinse out. While the pump can handle some solids and particles, you may find a build-up of solids or sludge can cause a blockage. You should regularly clean your pump to avoid any clogging.


Material Plastic
Cable length 5m
Guarantee 1 year
COO China
Maximum fountain height See table
Power See table
Max flow rate See table
Colour Black/grey
Battery backup? Yes


Model Max Projection Height Power Max Flow Rate
SOL210 70cm 2.5W 230lph
SOL221 90cm 3.2W 300lph
SOL227 150cm 10.8W 610lph
SOL232 240cm 21W1350lph

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