Swell Solvent Non-Return Valve

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PVC Non-return valve for solvent pipework, available in 1.5" and 2" sizes.


  • 1.5" Solvent Non-Return Valve
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  • 2" Solvent Non-Return Valve
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Product Information

The PVC Double Union Non-Return Valve is available in 1.5" and 2" options, coming as a reliable unit with minimal resistance with easy cleaning access. This ensures you prevent any backflow in the pipework, so there is no risk to your pump. These are easy to dismantle for maintenance, and ensure optimum safety for your pump.

These can be used with a hosetail, for the 1.5" you need this Multi Stepped Hosetail in 1.5", and for 2" pipe this Yamitsu Multi Functional Hosetail. When using a hosetail, you will require a matching sleeve to ensure a secure fit, which you can find here.

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